Steve is a proven senior leader who believes and walks-out love and respect with his team.

Know the way, show the way, and go the way

Steven Johnston is the General Manager of RbA North Texas Esler Cos. During Steve’s initial visit with CEO Matt Esler and COO Jon Erickson he was asked, “why this role”? Steve immediately responded with, “Sphere of Influence”. Steve truly believes that people are inherently good and highly capable of exceeding their goals and aspirations, and guiding them to those dreams is his strongest leadership skill.

Steve adheres to the philosophy that leaders are mandated to first “know the way”, “show the way” and “go the way” exemplifying the right path encouraging others to be “your best you”.

He has spent over thirty years in executive leadership positions in the industry and his greatest achievements are the lives that he is influencing. Steve’s transition from the largest home improvement company in America to RbA and then acquired by Esler Cos in 2020 was easy, because in his own words: “Esler Cos. is the culture that my late father instilled and required of me, and I don’t know any other way”! He resides in East Texas with his wife, Jewell, daughter Cassondra and son Krishtian. He wasn’t born in Texas, but he got there as soon as he could!