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Esler Companies | Renewal by Andersen has a state-of-the-art Marketing and Sales Hub in Northborough, MA. This opportunity is available to teammates who commute from a 60-mile radius of Northborough, MA. Teammates are responsible for talking on the phone with prospective customers and setting up in-home appointments for our Project Consultants.


This opportunity is a full-time, structured position with a consistent schedule from week to week. However, breaks and lunches might change daily depending on the call volume for that day. Due to the heavy call volume our teammates often handle and the professional nature of this role your workspace must be quiet and distraction-free. Our goal is to provide engaging interaction with our customers over the phone and delivering superior customer service!

Benefits of Joining Our Team
  • Paid Training
  • Health Benefits
  • Company Outings
  • Save Money on Transportation
  • Skype and Remote Communications with Teammates
  • Equipment is Provided

Work from Home

Candidates have the option to apply for both on-site and work-from-home full-time roles.

Working from home isn’t that different than going into the office every day. Picture yourself working in the Customer Care Center, talking in a delightful way to homeowners, all while providing superior customer service. You will work specific hours with a set schedule, including lunches and breaks. You’re part of a team environment with a manager and approximately 100 co-workers in the same type of position.

Now picture all of this, but in a virtual environment, and from the comfort of your own home. This is what it would be like working from home for Esler Companies!

Technical Requirements


All Remote Inside Sales Reps will be provided with a HP, Windows OS laptop.  The laptop will run the following required software:

  1. Mitel Connect (Client and Interaction Center): Utilized for taking and making phone calls, chatting, monitoring, and metric reporting.
  2. Enabled: The web-based CRM is used for recording all customer interactions
  3. Teams: This Microsoft tool will be used for chatting, conferences, and document sharing

Other websites that will be utilized are:,,,,
*The laptop will not be able to access websites that are not pre-approved as a requirement for the job.


All Remote Inside Sales Reps will be given a USB “soft phone” headset that will be used with the Mitel software to act as the phone.


All Remote Inside Sales Reps will be given a wireless mouse.


Utilizing two monitors is essential and required for efficient workflow.  The first monitor is in the laptop. Upon graduating from training, you will receive an extra $150 in your pay.  This will provide you with enough to purchase a new monitor. An example of what is used in the Inside Contact Center is an Acer 19” LCD Monitor which can be purchased on Amazon for less than $150.


Home internet with a minimum bandwidth of 60 Mbps is required.


While a home office is strongly recommended, it is not required.  However, a quiet space, close enough to the Wi-Fi with ample space to work comfortably is required. We may ask for the ISR to furnish a picture of the workspace.

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