From The Heart

Window of Giving encourages and supports giving to causes that are important to our teammates and serve the greater good. Window of Giving serves the communities in which we do business.

Under the Window of Giving Program is our newest branch, Door of Opportunity. This Scholarship program helps youth bridge the financial gap to secondary education. In coordination with the Tim Snow Foundation, the Door of Opportunity program has served young adults to achieve their dreams of going on with their education after high school.

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There are five ways that Window of Giving facilitates our giving back to the communities in which we live and work:


Esler Companies matching program enables our team members to give a financial donation to a non-profit organization with matching financial support from Window of Giving. Matching gifts have a $25 minimum. Window of Giving matches all donations at a 3:1 ratio, not to exceed $1,000 per teammate annually. Each Esler teammate has $1,000.00 of Window of Giving funds to use annually.  


Esler Companies proudly provides teammates with paid volunteering benefits. Teammates may volunteer at any nonprofit and receive compensation for service. Esler Companies is passionate about the communities in which we do business and ensuring teammates have a chance to contribute time and talent accordingly.


Window of Giving is the teammate engagement program throughout the calendar year. Every location across Esler Cos. participates in these events.


The Community Partnership Program is a unique way that Esler Cos. can create a deeper lasting relationship with a local nonprofit in areas where we do business. By connecting to one local nonprofit, we will be able to donate larger amounts of money, create community relationships, schedule group volunteering, and focus on the greater needs of the nonprofit. 


Esler Companies recognizes the urgent need for support and encouragement for any young person as they navigate the world of secondary education. Advanced education comes in many forms and becomes a life-changing opportunity for those with the dedication to pursue it.   

The Door of Opportunity Scholarship Program focuses on students who possess values like persistence, self-reliance, positivity, and a passion for education. The goal is to give students a helping hand and the tools they need to reach their full potential so that they can impact their communities for years to come. The scholarship is not only awarded to students attending a 2–4-year college but any program that will aid students in finding their individual path to the workplace.

The benefits align directly with the Esler Cos. company vision, “To positively impact Teammates, Customers, and the Community, by doing business with love.”

  • The teammates run the selection and interview process.
  • The customers contribute to something much larger than just purchasing windows and doors.
  • The communities are directly impacted by the recipients on a mission to better themselves and the world around them.

The program offers a hands-on opportunity for the Esler Cos. community to get involved. Teammates volunteer to review applications, interview students, and recommend applicants they feel are most deserving. The impact on the Esler Cos. community has been tremendous. The Company has always been dedicated to making a positive difference through its philanthropy program, Window of Giving, and focuses on local communities in the 9 locations where they do business. The Door of Opportunity Scholarship is a giant step towards that mission.

The Door of Opportunity

Door of Opportunity Scholarship Fund participants share their stories, and Matt Esler (Chief Executive Officer) and Alex Esler (Director of Digital Marketing, Esler Companies) provide an update on the program’s progress.