March 2022 – Renewal by Andersen | Elser Cos’ own Jacob Coite makes the Wall Street Journal

Jacob Coite from Esler Cos marketing hub, Telefluent, made The Wall Street Journal this week, and for a good reason. Jacob has become Telefluent’s biggest cheerleader by utilizing Tiny Pulse, an app that’s been embraced by the company for years.

Tiny Pulse is a cloud-based employee engagement tool that provides real-time feedback to both teammates and leadership. Teammates are able to send “Cheers” to their peers via an internal messaging system or make suggestions and ask questions anonymously. Leaders, in turn, get candid feedback that allows them to be agile and field issues as soon as they pop up.  The thought behind using this innovative system is that giving everyone a voice to comment on what they like, what they don’t, and ask questions removes the stigma of raising their hand publicly, creating an outstanding work culture. The app brings a lot of positivity to Telefluent, but do things get uncomfortable sometimes? Yes! And Telefluent leadership is committed to addressing the tough stuff too, removing the opportunity for frustrations to build.

Tiny Pulse, coupled with a segment in their weekly team meeting, seems to be the secret sauce. By talking openly about what has been shared on the app, Telefluent feels more like a community and the culture is driven more by teammates. This unique structure allows the group to self-correct. When negativity arises, teammates are free to express their agreement or offer their own perspective in a respectful way. During this same segment, Cheers are read aloud to celebrate each other publicly as well as having a laugh. Jacob Coite, in particular, is a mastermind of creative cheers and sent over 2,700 in 2021.

Ultimately, Tiny Pulse serves several purposes that are hard to achieve in business – giving your teammates a real voice, showing genuine care, and creating transparency that people believe in.